Made from herbs from the Amazon forest, the HOPE SHAMPOO has in its composition said, among other aloe vera (aloe vera), Coram ((korlanchoe brasiliensis), "mulateiro (calycophyllium spruceanum) and Capim Santo (cympobogon citratus). These herbs are associated with some other causing a revolution in combating a problem that afflicts most men and even women.

The Shampoo Esperança came to help manage your hair from dandruff, seborrhea and hair loss.

We have the license to operate in accordance with MS, and No 2.04.779-5 REGISTRATION OF ANVISA (NATIONAL HEALTH SURVEILLANCE AGENCY) as number 343/05.

This is the REAL SHAMPOO ESPERANÇA, which had its origin in the city of Tarauacá - ACRE /BRAZIL as we can see on the homepage and in the video attached report showed the GLOBE REPORTER.


  • Moisten a little hair and apply a small amount of Shampoo throughout the scalp and massage well and evenly (across the head). A good massage hair using the fingertips will enhance blood circulation, assist in the removal of oils and help in cleaning your hair removing all the impurities of everyday life. Let the product act for 05 (fifteen) to 10 (twenty five) minutes. After this period, rinse with water and if you think necessary, use three times per week a child of the line conditioner after application.

  • Recalling that the yield of the product is great because you just use a small amount when applying the shampoo.

  • The application should be daily.

  • For you to achieve your goals you need patience and discipline.

  • See the video below with respect GLOBO REPORTER conveyed in the program in 2006.

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